VEPOSSSS Meeting 2023

The first VEPOSSSS face-2-face meeting was taking place from 12 to 13 September 2023 at the Marine Centre Wales in Menai Bridge, UK, with the topic:

Shelf Seas: Threats, Opportunities and Challenges

There are many competing factors which will determine the future health of the continental shelf seas in a warming world. They are economically important both in terms of major fisheries and wind energy capture. They also represent a key component of the global carbon cycle, linking the terrestrial, oceanic and atmospheric carbon pools, and in consequence provide a valuable blue carbon store. A key pathway to NetZero involves the wide-scale expansion of offshore wind to floating platforms in the wildlife rich seasonally stratified seas, with consequences which are only starting to be appreciated.

The aim of this meeting is to examine the threats and opportunities to shelf seas and identify key knowledge gaps in physical oceanography which need to be filled to ensure the sustainable development of these valuable resources.

Group photo

Participants of the VEPOSSSS Meeting 2023 in front of the Marine Centre Wales

Photos of the conference site in Menai Bridge, UK

The Marine Centre Wales with research vessel Prince Madog, next to the Menai Suspension Bridge (© David Roberts)
Menai Suspension Bridge (© David Roberts)

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